1. Alloy Steel( High and Low Temperature)

2. A105N, A350LF1,LF2,LF3,A182F1,F5,F9,F11,Fl2 DAN F22.

3. Both Low and High Carbon Steel

4. Monel, Inconnel, hastelloy, Titanium dan Waspalloy.

5. F51,UNS S31254, UNS N08926, UNS S31803, UNS S 37250 & Zeron

6. Stainless Steel (ANSI B16.9, 16.28 dan JIS B2311,2312,2313,ASTM A403,


7. ASTM A234 WPB / WPB-W ( Seamless dan Welded dengan RT-100%)

8. Pipa Stainless Steel( SA312, SA376,TP 304/L,TP316/L,TP321/H)

9. Pipa Alloy Steel ( A335 Gr P11,P22,P5,P9, P91 & A333Gr 1 s/d 6 ).

10. Dan lain sebagainya.


Type : ERW, SAW, SMLS, Galvanis dan Black Pipe


1. A53 Gr A/B

2. A106 Gr B/C

3. API 5L Gr B

4. API 5L Gr ( X42, X46,X52 X55, X56, X65, X70 )

5. SGP & STPG 370

6. JIS G3459 SUS 304,304L,316,316L

7. Duplex Steel dan Copper Steel

8. Dan lain sebagainya


Type : Segala macam plate untuk kebutuhan industri

l. Carbon steel: A36,JIS-SS400, DIN ST 42, A5l5 Gr.55,60,65,70,A516 Gr.55,

60,65,70,A283 Gr.C,SA85 Gr.C

2. Stainless Steel: A287 Gr.11, 22,5,9,91, 04 B. A297G r.l I

3. Alloy Steel: A387G r.11,22,5,9,91,A204B,A297 Gr.11

4. Low Temperatur : A203 Gr.D, A516 Gr.60

5. Pressure Vessel Steel Plates

6. Clad Plates

7. Ware Resistance Plates



Material :

l. Carbon Steel : A105 dan SA350-LF2 to 6

2. Alloy Steel :A 182 Gr.F11,F22,F5, F9, V91

3. Duplex

4. Stainless Steel: A182 Gr.F304/L,F316/L,F321/H

5. Copper Nickel

6. High Tensile Carbon Steel

7. Nickel Alloy

8. Titanium

All other materials and sizes are available upon request


l. vertical In-line Centrifugal

2. Horizontal

3. Close Coupling

4. Vertical In-Jine Double Suction Centrifugal

5. Vertical Centrifugal Submerged Pump

6. Centrifugal Pump for Chemical Industry

7. Pump for Diatermic Oil

8. Torque Flow Pump

9. Side Channel Pump

1 0. Multistage Centrifugal

11. Fire Fighting Centrifugal

12.Positive Displacement Hollow Oscillating Disk

13.Positive Dispalcement Gear




1. Stainless Steel and Special Stainless Steel

2. Aircraft and special Stainless Steel

3. Duplex and Super Duplex Stainless Steel

4. Super Alloy

5. Etc



l. Standart Pipe Flange: All popular sizes and materials

2. Custom Casket:

We fabricated gasket in no limit to size and shape from sheet goods

3. Encapsulated:

A gasket of one material is totally enclosed in a continous layer of

another material with no join. Usually done with O-ring and Molded


4. Envelope:

Two more one materials is Covered by an envelope of another Material

5. Laminated:

Two more materials are, layered to from a gasket which is often

Enclosed in an envelope

6. Boiler Gasket

7. Metallic Gasket:

Usually used for, head, Exchanger,Compressor, Condensers, Pumps,

Valves, and Turbines.

We provide all metals for including corrugated, wire, solid, profiles,

shims, and spiral wound gaskets.

8. O-ring

All standart O-risos Gasket are available

Custom O-ring are available in standard cross-section to any length or


All metals with full trace ability in thickness including Alluminium, Bras,

Copper, Carbon Steel, Spring Dteel, Stainless Steel, Inconnel, Monel,

Nickel, and Titanium are available.




l. Stainlesss teel

2. Carbon steel

3. Cast iron

4. Copper

5. Brass

6. Bronze

Available according to your specification and request size,material and brand.



l. Threadiess Steel Conduit System

2. Threaded Steel Conduit System

3. Boxes & Clamp

4. RIGID Steel Conduit System

5. BS 3l Steel Conduit System

6. BS 4568 Conduit System

7. Cable Tray System

8. Cable Duct System

9. Cable Ladder System (heavy type.)

10. Cable ladder System (Light Type)

I l. Under Floor Ducting Systems System


l. JIS Sandart

2- ANSI Standart

3. BS Standart

4. NEMA Standart

5. BS Standart

Available according to market specification standard.


fire & Gas Detection Systems/Portables

General Monitors, USA : Fire & Gas Detector System

IST-AIMS, USA : Portable Gas Detector, Toxic & Combustible

Rotork Instrument, UK : ESD (emergency Shutdown System)

SES-Enser,Italy : Integrated Fire & Gas & ESD System

Tank Protection & Equipment

Groth, USA : Pressure/ Vaccuum Relief Valve

Flame Arreste/Blanket Gas Regulator

CDC, USA : Rupture Disc

Papailias, USA : Sigh Glass, flow Indicators

Disgester Gas Control & Flare Systems

Groth,U SA :Digester Gas Control

FlareI ndustries Inc,USA : Flare System, Thermal Oxidizer & Ignition System

Safety Relief and Process Valves

Tai Milano,Italy : Pressure Relief Valves,safety Relief Valves

Kimray, USA : Control Valves,pilot Operated Pressure Reg

RosemontU, SA : Bali, Butterfly, Globe and 3-way CV

Flow. Level. Pressure & Temperature

Poiysonics, USA : Clarnp-On Portables Insertion,open Channel Ultrasonic Flow

Thermo Flow Automation USA : Turbin Flow Meter, BS & W Meters

WCEP/PSE, USA : Averaging Pitot tube

RCM, USA : Direct Reading Flow Meter

Eldridge Product,USA : Thermal mass Flow Meter

AALIANT/Hersey,USA : Vortex PD, Target,Magnetic, & BTU Meters

ITT Neo-Dyn, USA : Pressure temperature & Flow Switches

ENFM, Holland : Pressure & Temperature Gauges

MECI, Francc : Gas Flow Computers for Custody Trasnfers

Mechanical & Electrical

EST, USA : Test Plug, Tube Plugging & Sleeving System

Esscano Power A/S, Denmark : Dampers & Louvers

Townson,UK : Expansion Joint

Ultraflote Corp, USA : Internal Floating Covers & Aluminium Geodesic

Leroy Somer, France : Induction Motors

ELPRO,Indonesia : Electrical Support Product

K. CONSTRUCTION ( Pekeriaan Konstruksi )

l. Pembangunan Gedung

2. Bangunan Pabrik

3. Tangki

4. Ducting dll


l. Capasitor merk Nokia 30/32 kvarh, 400/415 Volt, 50 Hz

2. Capasitor merk MG 18/19,5 kvarh, 400/415 Volt, 50 Hz

3. Kap Armatur Type MR 320 T Merk GS

4. L,ampu Merkuri 250 Watt merk GS

5. Contactor Telemecanique LCI D.80

6. Thermer Second Only 220 V dan Soketnya

7. Thermis Overload Merk Mitsubishi

8. Kabel NYA I x 10 mm

9. Kabel NYAFGBY 4 x l0 mm merk Supreme

10. Kapasitor 10 KVAR.MG

11. Contactor LCI-D3210/220 Volt TELE

12. Fuse Puller

13. Regulator 12 Step

14. Serlector switch key

15. MCB Control MG

16. Fuse Control

17. Skring Patron 10A

18. NT 1 Merk NORA 63 A

19. NT 1 Merk NORA 100 A

20. Kapasitor

21. Filter Driyer

22. Kompressor dan terminal

23.K abel Penjalan D. 2,5 mm

24.Pipa sistem isap D.l/2″

25. Pipa sistem tekan D.3/8

26. Harmaflek D.3/4”

27. Modul Penjalan

28. Over Load

29. Pneumostop, PN.164-227-9,NSN.3120-AL-9170559

30. Collar,PN.163-227-4,NSN.5365-AL-917- 0605

31.Drier Insert, PN.311-012-ON, NSN.4330-AL-97-5097

32. Pressure Spring, PN. 164-1047 NSN.5360-AL-970616


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